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Empty Promises December 20, 2006

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Instead of promising to post more, to email more, I am just going to say Happy Holiday’s to all and I will see you after New Year’s.  We are leaving for Baltimore for a week tomorrow to spend Christmas with family and friends.  I hope that you all have the opportunity to do the same.   I do promise however to post on a MUCH more regular basis after New Year’s when things will have really calmed down for me, so dont forget to come back please!!!!!!


I suck December 12, 2006

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If you have e-mailed me and I haven’t answered you, I am sorry.  My fabulous work has cut off all access to any outside e-mail accounts.  And of course I have had NO free time with the holiday madness to check email from home.   SO, if I know you and I want to talk to you during the day, I may be giving you my work email in the next few days.  Bear with me!     🙂

Chocolate Milkathon December 7, 2006

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T loves chocolate milk.  Pretty much the only way that I can get him to drink milk is to let him squirt some of the dark gooey syrup in his milk.  This is a very specific process that we have down to a science.  First we have to pick the cup. It is a different one everyday.  This is how it goes. 

Me:  This one T?

T:  No!  Not dis ones.

M: This one T?

T: No momma, NOT DIS ONES!!! (This is said in a happy, HAHA, we can do this fooorrrreeevvvaahhhh voice)

This goes on until we find what will be the golden holder of the milk for the day.  Next we get out the chocolate, which is sugar free I will have you know.  Who ever came up with this was freakin brilliant.  Then we put in the chocolate.  Rather T does.  But his little hands can’t squeeze the bottle, and god forbid I assist, so we watch the chocolate drip, drip, drip.  He only allowed like 6 drips, which amounts to barely chocolate milk.  Then we pour in the milk together.  Then T has to stir.  With a safari pal plastic spoon.  And it has to be a blue or green one.   Then T tries to put the top on the cup, and if he can’t, I help.  Then we shake it, and it is finally ready.  This is just one of the little routines that we do every day.  I don’t remember J being this particular about things at all.  He was the quiet one who could sit and look at books all day and play toys.  I could get things done and trust that when I left the room that he would still be in the same spot when I came back.  I get a lot less done on a regular basis now.  And you know what?  The house may not always be immaculate, and dinner is not always gourmet.  But I spend more time with the kids, and they participate more in activities with me, even if it is just dusting the house.  And I love it.   🙂

Movin’ on up… December 5, 2006

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Hopefully movin on up that is.  My interview was last Thursday, and I am going to be optimistic and say that I think that it went well.  At least I hope that it did.  I spent the entire plane ride preparing and talking myself through the interview.   Yes, I am sure that I got more than a few people’s attention for doing this, but at least they did not think I was a terrorist.  Right?  Right.   Anyway…  I got in at about 7 on Wednesday evening and took the 20 minute trip from the airport to the hotel.  The town was charming and semi-small, with Christmas lights on every lamp post.  Which were twinkling in the crappy sprinkling rain.  I drove around for a bit and even drove and looked at house that we may be interested in if things work out.  All in all I got a really nice impression of the area.   Thursday morning was the interview.  My 4 person interview panel was 2 women and two men, whom were all soooo nice.  All that southern hospitality and charm.  Loved it!    So I answered their tons of questions and they answered all of mine and all was good.  Then there was lunch after, which I pray is a good sign.  🙂  We shall see in good time…

This was my first time away from T overnight since he was born so I was so excited to come and see him.  I missed that little stinker so much even though it was only one night.  I would have been able to see him Thursday night, but my friend who was picking me up from the airport went to the wrong one.   Yeah.  There are two airports here locally the same distance from my house.  I e-mailed and printed the itinerary and reminded her at least 10 times before I left and over the phone.  So when I walked out of the airport and called her, imagine my suprise when she said, I am sitting under the US Airways sign, and I said no, I am standing under the US Airways sign and you aren’t here.  And then I basically yelled your at the wrong damn airport aren’t you???????  So I sat for an hour and waited.  Lovely right?  Wrong. 

That is all for now.  Tomorrow I will update about last night’s festivities. 

Another week goes by….. November 28, 2006

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You would think that I could get it together to post more often huh?  Well, I promise to do that.  This was just an insane week.  My interview in Tennessee got moved to Thursday, so I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon.  Which seems way too soon.  I am so glad that it was moved from Sunday because boy-o-boy, I would have been an unprepared mess.  As it is, I have had time to do everything.  Get a new suit (oh I LOVE it!), put answers together for the questions that I think they will ask me, and put together a list of questions for them.  “Them” is the interview panel consisting of four people.  Which scared me.  See, I have never had a real interview before.  The  few positions that I have had just kind of fell in my lap.  Yea, I know, lucky me!  But not so lucky me now because I am a bundle of nerves!

 Anywho…. Thanksgiving was so nice!  The weather was nice, crisp, and just windy enough to be winter.  The leaves are all still gorgeous colors here since winter came to us so late.  We went to my mom and step dad’s to eat, and my father and step mom came too.  Which may seem strange, but is a story for another day.  J and T had so much fun seeing all of their grandparents at one time.  They did have a lego fight and all 820 legos that they have were all over the guest room at my mom’s house.  I walked in, and just walked back out.  It was that bad.  🙂  I made a Crunch Top Apple Pie and some pecan almond tart things that I can’t remember the name of.  All I know is that they were both Paula Deen recipes, so they were oh so yummy.  Jas fried a turkey, which is so much easier than in the oven.  It only took 40 minutes.  I was down right amazed. 

The rest of the hoilday weekend I spent at a welcome home party for a freind who was deployed, and the bowling ally for a birthday party for a friend of J’s.  It was T’s first time bowling and it was like the cutest thing ever!  They even had little bowling shoes to fit his little feet!  All in all it was a really nice holiday weekend.  I will try to update tomorrow, but I may not be around until Friday! 

I’m so exited, and I just can’t hide it! November 20, 2006

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I will be flying to TN on Sunday night for a job interview on Monday!  The company is flying me down and everything.  How cool is that?  Pretty damn cool I say!  This is a job that I really, really, really want.  It is so much to think about though, a serious life changing decision.  I have always wanted to move.  I grew up here and I never wanted to stay here forever.  But I have family here, and the kids are settled in their routine.  Would it be worth it to change all of that for a job?  I just dont know yet!  It is the dream job, a rockin salary.  Seriously nice salary ya’ll.  See, I am already talking like a TN’er!  🙂   Jas is being supportive up to this point, and has been half assedly (ha!  is that a word??) looking for jobs down there too.  I have found some really nice houses that I want to find time to look at while I am there.   I could not believe the houses that are in our price range.  They are huge.  We could have our own little McMansion.  OK, not really a McMansion, but 5 bedrooms.  Yes, count them!  FIVE.   I am trying not to get my hopes up a lot because they may hate me.  No,  no one could hate me.  But there may be someone more qualified.  They are only seeing 3 people, and the other two are local.  So we will see.  I am so nervous!! 

Blogroll Assistance… November 17, 2006

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Happy Friday to all!  I need some assistance on the blogroll “protocols”.  I am still new and don’t know when it is appropriate to add someone to my blogroll.  I mean, can it only be people that I have e-mailed, etc. personally.  Because there are some people’s blogs out there that I read regularly and comment on, but they dont respond or visit me here.  I still read them because they entertain me or I can relate to them.  Can I add them to my blogroll even though they no clue who I am?  Or is that like, super cheesy?  And folks that do read and I talk to you, can I just add you or should I ask?  Someone help me out here, I don’t want to be lookin like a dork.   Thanks.    🙂

Thursday Thirteen November 16, 2006

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Ok, I am too stooppiiddd today to get the Thursday Thirteen Code to work,  but here it is!

Thirteen things to do before the year is over….
1. Clean out my garage.  It is soooo packed full of stuff from moving (yea, that was 6 months ago) that I cannot even find anything in there!

2. MAKE Jas go through is massive boxes of computer stuff that has no rhyme or reason and never gets used. 

3. Get a new lcd for my laptop because, yes, I DROPPED my computer this week and it BROKE.  I am in serious mourning.

4. Get a manicure.  My nails are looking hideous!

5. Pay some bills off.  Hey, who doesn’t want to do this?

6. Tell Jas about my blog so I am not feeling so sneaky anymore.

7. Stick to my diet and lose some weight.

8. Find some recipes that are healthy and SO super easy so that I have more time to spend with the kids in the evening.

9. Get a new  J-O-B!

10.  Set a wedding date for next fall.  Which is why I need to stick to # 7.  For real. 

11. Dust off the art supplies and get some painting done! 

12. Hang some pictures on my very barren walls.

13. Make slideshows of the kid’s various activities from the tons of pictures that I have. 

I been travel’in oh so long….. November 13, 2006

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Actually I haven’t been.  Traveling oh so long that is.  I was so excited for about 2.5 seconds this morning when the prospect of traveling for work this coming week came up.  I was to leave on Sunday and return Tuesday.  Just a little mini trip to get me warmed up for longer trips that are upcoming.  Then the shit hit the fan around here and everyone was all like, oh, we need you to leave TOMORROW.  And I was all like, what?  really?  uh…..  NO!  With 2 kids at home I cannot just pack up and leave tomorrow for 7 days!  Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  OK?  OK.  I am disappointed though, because I really was up for the trip.  😦  Don’t get me wrong.  I love being with my kids.  But I have not left T since he was born.  Not for one night.  So the thought of packing up tonight and leaving tomorrow almost sent me into a panic attack.  Seriously.   I could feel my palms getting sweaty and my heart beating fast.  So that’s when I said no.  I am sure that it made me look bad.  I am sure they are thinking that being a mom may be clouding my work judgement.  And guess what?  IT IS. 

I know… November 7, 2006

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I am a total slacker.  No post in forever.  Not that I have not had anything to say, I just have not had time to say it!  Work has been busy and I have spent a lot of time researching places that I want to move.  I have applied for a job somewhere that is somewhat south of here, so we will see how that goes.

 Halloween went well.  T did not dress up, as expected.  He sat on the porch and handed out candy with me.  One little boy, about 3 years old, walked right past us and knocked on the door saying ‘Trick or Treat!”.  Tyler stood up, and said “That is MY door!”.   I was just thinking, what in the world?  I really had to hold back the laughter and tell him that people could knock on the door, because we have the share.  He is so cute and so very opinionated these days.  🙂 J had fun trick or treating with dad, and got a ton of candy of course.  We got pictures of A from his mom too, and he looked like he had tons of fun too!

 The rest of the week was uneventful as far as I can remember.  Maybe.  It was so long ago that I cant remember.  That is bad huh?  The weekend was nice, chilly, but at least not freezing yet.   J’s end of season baseball party was scheduled at 2 on Saturday.  I made a veggie tray and laid T down for a nap early so that we were sure to be on time.  At 1:25 my phone rings.  It is the team mom.  She changed the time of the party to 1 and did not bother to tell anyone accept for her little inner-circle of friends.  I think they are like a mommy club or something, and of course I am NOT a member.  I told her that we would be there as soon as possible.  She was all happiness, and oh don’t worry about it, we haven’t even started yet!  So we arrived about 20 minutes later, to see that everyone had already eaten, and that they were at the end of handing out trophies.  I was so enraged!  Yes, that is right, enraged, not just angry.  Did I not JUST talk to you on the phone?  Did I not tell you that we were on our way and you said no problem?  So why have you ruined this party for my child?  J got his trophy last and played with his friends.  Outside.  It was 50 degrees and windy as can be and they did not even invite people in the house.  It was the most poorly organized event I have ever seen.  Since a large portion of my job entails event planning, I can say that.  So HA!   Are you wondering whether I kept my mouth shut about this? NO, I did not.  I told Mrs. Team Mommy that she could have, and should have waited.  And I all got was an “Oh, sorry!”, with the condescending look.  I am SOOOO glad that he goes back to a team with normal people for the spring season! Ugh!

Compared to Sat., Sunday was uneventful.  Really, I dont remember anything accept for that T took an super long nap, and that I took it with him.  I was exhauted.  I guess it was all that attitude I output on Sat. huh? 

So, I have a question for you… is it annoying that I call my kids J, T, and A?  I saw on a post on someone’s site (no, I don’t remember who it was) that it was annoying.  They were requesting that people come up with something more original, not so generic.  What do you all think?