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Perfect Fall October 30, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Family, Holidays, Life.

I started out the weekend thinking, wow, this is going to suck.  The forecast was for rain, rain, and hey!  How about some some more f-ing rain?   BUT-  it ended up being a gorgeous weekend.  Jas and J each had softball/baseball scheduled for this weekend, but both were cancelled due to the forecast.   So we had tons of seriously needed free time.  We miraculously got T down for a nap early on Saturday, with plans to go to the zoo in the afternoon.  He was up by one, and off we went.  The zoo was having a Halloween event and there were cute decorations and candy giveaways all over.  All the little kiddies were in their costumes and it was adorable.  ***I have to stop right here and say that T is not dressing up this year.  Seriously- I have taken him to every store that is selling costumes and he refuses to get one.  He just says “nope, nope, nope mommy”.  I have bribed him with everything possible.  So my kid will be the one with no costume.  He doesn’t even want to go out.  So, we will be at home handing out candy.  While J trick-or-treats with his dad.  I guess it could be fun, right???****   OK, back to the weekend.   So we had a great time at the zoo.  T’s favorite part was the giraffes.  You can get so close to them it is crazy!  We had ice cream and some great family time.  After the zoo we went furniture shopping and got a great deal on a couch for Jas’s “man room”.  Yes, we have one of those.  🙂  Sunday was a lazy day filled with playing outside, and involved a lot of leaf piles being raked repeatedly and run through and jumped in.  It was the perfect day and a little bittersweet seeing T being such a big boy.  Where has my baby gone…?  After dinner we carved one of our pumpkins.  We chose Blue’s Clue’s and it turned out to be adorable.   Tonight we carve another one, but we haven’t decided what yet.  Suggestions? 

 All in all it was the perfect fall weekend.  Full of fun memories.  Tonight we are having family over for dinner.  I have my Halloween plates, napkins, and cups all ready.   What do you think about orange cornbread?  😉


Opinions and help puhleaze! October 26, 2006

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Sooooo, what do you think??  Better, worse??  Just trying to customize a little.  🙂  

I know what I am about to say is so super retarded, so bear with me. 

I got a new iBook last year.  I have been so busy with all my little men that I have never even taken the time to really check out everything that I can do and learn.  Did you know that I have FreeHand MX?  Dreamweaver?  Well if you did, then damn you for not telling me, because I had no idea.  Dont get me wrong.  It’s not like I actually know how to use these programs, but I soooo want to learn.  I was playing around with FreeHand MX last night.  I heart it with a capitol H! I can’t wait to have the time to really learn!

Which gets me to this point…  Is there anyone out there reading this that may be able to help?  Tips, pointers any of the stuff would be great.  🙂  SO, what are you waiting for?  I know you want to share the wealth of knowledge!! 

Should have never….. October 25, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

Messed with my theme!  I know that I am totally new at this… But hello????  Where has my normal theme gone?  I know that I changed you, but I was only experimenting, I swear!  I wanted to come back to you.  Who cares that it was only because I could not make my custom header work?  Please….  why won’t you show up??  😦

 Update: I am sure that as you are reading this you are wondering what I am talking about!?!?  I SWEAR, this was all jacked up a few minutes ago!

Let’s go pumpkin pickin…or not! October 23, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

It was a gorgeous weekend!  Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch.   It was just cold enough to be a real fall day.   There were some pumpkins already priced and ready to go home, but we decided to go on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick ours.  It was T’s first time on a hayride and he was a little apprehensive at first.  But as soon as he got on he was good to go.  When I think pumpkin patch, I think pumpkins on the vine, that you go pick yourself.  I must have been wrong to assume that in this case because pumpkin patch around here must = dejected pumpkins sitting in dirt.  Just chillin.  No fabulous selection of pumpkins that the kiddie poos could pick out on their own.  Just a bunch of ugly old lopsided pumpkins that no one would want.  It was quite disappointing.  😦  But we got over it.  And I did get some really cute pictures of the kids, which I am considering sharing.  But not on Flickr due to their recent debacle with that site stealing their stuff!! Anyway, we ended up getting a pumpkin that was back at the little farm store and it actually is a really nice one.  When I asked T &J what they wanted to carve in it, T said Barney.  That is right everyone.  If you are out trick or treating with your kids and you see a Barney pumpkin- you will know that you have found me.   🙂

Here comes the sun! October 19, 2006

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Jas and I talked last night and things are better, not totally, but some.   I have realized that he has the ability to argue silently with me.  GAAAHHH, that is so annoying!  Just ind of skirting around the issue, but still being upset.  And a lot of it is my fault.  I am stressed at work right now, and taking some of that home.  Hopefully that will all change soon.  I went to my contractor boss yesterday and told him how unhappy I am.  That some some aspects of my job have morphed into insane duties.  Ones that I don’t want and should not be expected to do.  And he said that he will help me!  That he will find me a new position within the company and the building.  It was like a huge cloud over my just dissipated, and I wanted to sing…..  HERE COMES THE SUN……..  come on, you all know that song!  Sing it with me! 🙂  So here’s to new opportunities, new co-workers, and hopefully some happy posts about how my new job ROCKS!

An even worse day. October 17, 2006

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It is a horrible day, and I only have a few minutes….  Jas and I are fighting.  And I am feeling rather discouraged.  And I HATE that we have google chat and can argue all day by chatting over that.  I could just log off ya know…..  so why dont I? 

Feeling kind of blue October 16, 2006

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I want to talk about something today that means a lot to me.  Friendships.  And my lack there of.  I mean Jas and I are friends.  As it should be.  And that is wonderful, but not completely fulfilling on the friendship front.  I know that it is impossible to stay friends with everyone forever.  It just seems as though I have lost all of the good friends that I have made.  We talk about calling, we talk about doing things, it just never happens.   I am well aware that part of the problem is me.  A large part.  When J was born, I was really young.  18 to be exact.  All of my friends were going off to college, partying, and being 18.  I obviously was not.  Don’t get me wrong.  Having J at that time was probably the best thing that has happened to me.   I cannot even imagine what would have become of me if I had not had to grow up so suddenly and so soon.  But back to the point.  I lost touch with a lot of my friends at that time.  We just weren’t on the same page, or wanting the same things.  So I made my life revolve around J, and all was good.  Now I have T, and my life revolves around both of them. I have missed my friends since then, and I never really managed to make many more. My best friend now lives about an hour away, so I never get to see her either.  It is just sad.  Everyone seems so busy, including me.   What happened to my life?  How did I allow it to become so busy that I haven’t taken the time or made the effort to really connect with anyone lately?  Maybe that is why I am here, blogging.  Hoping to find some folks that I can connect with, relate with, and talk to.   I feel so complete when I am with the kids and doing things with them.  But then  sometimes I feel so lonely.  I think that all of these feelings are coming about because I feel the need to distance myself from one of my friends.  Which is another post for another day…..

Happy Monday to all.

Yipppeeee October 13, 2006

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Just a quick post to say that the Christmas decorations are out!!!!  At all the stores!!!!!   (The only perk of my job is shopping for decorations for the building!) At home we have an awesome Christmas tree and all of our ornaments are red and silver.  I saw TONS more ornaments that I want today though.  Way too many to purchase, especially since this is our Christmas to be in Baltimore.  But I am still decorating, oh yes I am.  Jas will just have to be ok with that!  He is the one with about 50 nutcrackers that get put out.  Which J hates!  I don’t know why,  but my poor little man is super scared of them.  I always put some decorations up in his room, and two years ago I put one of the nutcrackers in there.  He woke up so upset becuase he had a bad dream that the nutcracker got him!  So now it is acceptable to put the nutcrackers elsewhere, just not the bedroom.  He still gives them a stay the hell away from me look when he walks by though.  🙂   To all the like 3 people that read this (Hi Lilly!), have a wonderful weekend if I dont get a chance to post again.

Thursday Thirteen- 13 Random Facts About Me October 12, 2006

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 OOOOHHH, this is pumpkin orange!!!!  🙂
Thirteen Things about Erin
1. My name is Erin.
2. When I was young I always wanted to change it.
3. My crazy assed mom almost let me.
4. Now I love it.
5. And I actually am Irish.
6. I hate my job right now.
7. I wish that I was done with my degree.
8. I read www.postsecret.com every Monday.
9. I always wish that I would see a secret that I could relate to completly.
10. I dont have like a ton of secrets or anything.
11. I hope my kids never keep the kind of secrets from me that I kept and still keep from my parents.
12. My parents are so much cooler now that I am older.
13. But I still can’t cuss around them.
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What the bloody hell is wrong with me? October 12, 2006

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After yesterday’s post, I have decided that I am a total shitbug.  Total.  Complete.  When I get married I will have a step-son, A.  He is also 7 like J.  He does not live with us, but comes for summers and school breaks. And I forgot to mention him.  I love him like he is my own, but I forgot him.  How could I do that?