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Results of a rainy weekend… October 10, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Family, Holidays, Life.

This was a pretty uneventful weekend, due to the heavy, heavy rain and winds in our neck of the woods.  All of our plans (which included baseball, and more baseball) were pretty much ruined.  So instead I made sure that the house was adequately decorated for Halloween.  Yes, I am a holiday decorating a-holic.  My attic is a nice, semi-organized, haven of all things holiday.  My almost mother in law has donated tons of decorations to the cause, and I love her even more for it.  We have scarecrows that talk, light up fiber-optic witches, big stuffed pumpkins and witches… I could go on and on.  The kids love it, but our big mastiff hates it!  She barks at the 3 foot tall scarecrow like it has come to eat her alive! And my cute stuffed witch has already lost a  arm in a dog fight.  It is repairable though, so it was not a complete tragedy. 

Yesterday was a day off of work for me (thank you federal govt holidays!), and I was at home for an entire day- ALONE!  J was at school, and T was at preschool.  I got schoolwork done, I got cleaning done.  I went to Target, again, ALONE, and got to look at grown up things.  I was totally disappointed though, because one of those assemble your meals here, with our ingredients and take it home to freeze places had sent me a coupon in the mail for 2 free meals.  I had never gone before, so I took my little coupon and thought that I would try it out.  When I got there I was informed that yes, I got my 2 free meals, but I had to purchase 4 more, at the whopping price of $24 each, I almost fell over!    Is it just me or is that an insane amount of money for one main dish?  Yes!  That’s right, it does not even include the sides!  Maybe I am poor, or maybe just thrifty, but who in their right mind would pay for that?  I guess I understand that we live in sort of an uppity area, where we just happen to live because we got a great deal on a house that needed to be sold fast, but GOOD GRIEF! I am crazy here ladies?  Would you pay that??



1. Kristen - October 10, 2006

I wouldn’t pay it either. If it was a COMPLETE meal for 4, yes- but not just a main dish. No way.

And I love Mastiffs! When we get our own house we are getting one- I adore big dogs.

2. Jonathon - October 10, 2006

Glad to meet a fellow decor-a-holic! I’m totally doing the house up right for Halloween this year.

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