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Yipppeeee October 13, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Holidays, Random Thoughts.

Just a quick post to say that the Christmas decorations are out!!!!  At all the stores!!!!!   (The only perk of my job is shopping for decorations for the building!) At home we have an awesome Christmas tree and all of our ornaments are red and silver.  I saw TONS more ornaments that I want today though.  Way too many to purchase, especially since this is our Christmas to be in Baltimore.  But I am still decorating, oh yes I am.  Jas will just have to be ok with that!  He is the one with about 50 nutcrackers that get put out.  Which J hates!  I don’t know why,  but my poor little man is super scared of them.  I always put some decorations up in his room, and two years ago I put one of the nutcrackers in there.  He woke up so upset becuase he had a bad dream that the nutcracker got him!  So now it is acceptable to put the nutcrackers elsewhere, just not the bedroom.  He still gives them a stay the hell away from me look when he walks by though.  🙂   To all the like 3 people that read this (Hi Lilly!), have a wonderful weekend if I dont get a chance to post again.



1. eddo - October 13, 2006

Hey, thanks for stopping by Posted Note!

I have to agree with J, Nutcracker’s are scary! I don’t even like the word nutcracker! Ouch!

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