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Feeling kind of blue October 16, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

I want to talk about something today that means a lot to me.  Friendships.  And my lack there of.  I mean Jas and I are friends.  As it should be.  And that is wonderful, but not completely fulfilling on the friendship front.  I know that it is impossible to stay friends with everyone forever.  It just seems as though I have lost all of the good friends that I have made.  We talk about calling, we talk about doing things, it just never happens.   I am well aware that part of the problem is me.  A large part.  When J was born, I was really young.  18 to be exact.  All of my friends were going off to college, partying, and being 18.  I obviously was not.  Don’t get me wrong.  Having J at that time was probably the best thing that has happened to me.   I cannot even imagine what would have become of me if I had not had to grow up so suddenly and so soon.  But back to the point.  I lost touch with a lot of my friends at that time.  We just weren’t on the same page, or wanting the same things.  So I made my life revolve around J, and all was good.  Now I have T, and my life revolves around both of them. I have missed my friends since then, and I never really managed to make many more. My best friend now lives about an hour away, so I never get to see her either.  It is just sad.  Everyone seems so busy, including me.   What happened to my life?  How did I allow it to become so busy that I haven’t taken the time or made the effort to really connect with anyone lately?  Maybe that is why I am here, blogging.  Hoping to find some folks that I can connect with, relate with, and talk to.   I feel so complete when I am with the kids and doing things with them.  But then  sometimes I feel so lonely.  I think that all of these feelings are coming about because I feel the need to distance myself from one of my friends.  Which is another post for another day…..

Happy Monday to all.



1. Lilly - October 16, 2006

Our situations are similar but different. I had my son later than everybody I knew so I was socially out of whack for a while. Once I had my son I completely understood why all of my friends had become so focused on their kids. When my son started school my social life picked up a bit and it still revolves around him and the families of friends he has made. If your kids go to a day care at all, it’s a good place to meet other moms….

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