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Let’s go pumpkin pickin…or not! October 23, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

It was a gorgeous weekend!  Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch.   It was just cold enough to be a real fall day.   There were some pumpkins already priced and ready to go home, but we decided to go on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick ours.  It was T’s first time on a hayride and he was a little apprehensive at first.  But as soon as he got on he was good to go.  When I think pumpkin patch, I think pumpkins on the vine, that you go pick yourself.  I must have been wrong to assume that in this case because pumpkin patch around here must = dejected pumpkins sitting in dirt.  Just chillin.  No fabulous selection of pumpkins that the kiddie poos could pick out on their own.  Just a bunch of ugly old lopsided pumpkins that no one would want.  It was quite disappointing.  😦  But we got over it.  And I did get some really cute pictures of the kids, which I am considering sharing.  But not on Flickr due to their recent debacle with that site stealing their stuff!! Anyway, we ended up getting a pumpkin that was back at the little farm store and it actually is a really nice one.  When I asked T &J what they wanted to carve in it, T said Barney.  That is right everyone.  If you are out trick or treating with your kids and you see a Barney pumpkin- you will know that you have found me.   🙂



1. Lilly - October 25, 2006

I like your description of the pumpkins “just chillin.” Barney’s a tough model for a jack’o’lantern but good luck! (…Also, now I’ve got to go and google to find out about the Flickr stealth. Hadn’t heard about that.)

2. Irina - October 25, 2006

Yeah, what’s the deal with Flickr…I LIVE for my Flickr account, but can’t find any info relating to what you mentioned.

Welcome to the bloggernet, by the way 🙂

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