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Perfect Fall October 30, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Family, Holidays, Life.

I started out the weekend thinking, wow, this is going to suck.  The forecast was for rain, rain, and hey!  How about some some more f-ing rain?   BUT-  it ended up being a gorgeous weekend.  Jas and J each had softball/baseball scheduled for this weekend, but both were cancelled due to the forecast.   So we had tons of seriously needed free time.  We miraculously got T down for a nap early on Saturday, with plans to go to the zoo in the afternoon.  He was up by one, and off we went.  The zoo was having a Halloween event and there were cute decorations and candy giveaways all over.  All the little kiddies were in their costumes and it was adorable.  ***I have to stop right here and say that T is not dressing up this year.  Seriously- I have taken him to every store that is selling costumes and he refuses to get one.  He just says “nope, nope, nope mommy”.  I have bribed him with everything possible.  So my kid will be the one with no costume.  He doesn’t even want to go out.  So, we will be at home handing out candy.  While J trick-or-treats with his dad.  I guess it could be fun, right???****   OK, back to the weekend.   So we had a great time at the zoo.  T’s favorite part was the giraffes.  You can get so close to them it is crazy!  We had ice cream and some great family time.  After the zoo we went furniture shopping and got a great deal on a couch for Jas’s “man room”.  Yes, we have one of those.  🙂  Sunday was a lazy day filled with playing outside, and involved a lot of leaf piles being raked repeatedly and run through and jumped in.  It was the perfect day and a little bittersweet seeing T being such a big boy.  Where has my baby gone…?  After dinner we carved one of our pumpkins.  We chose Blue’s Clue’s and it turned out to be adorable.   Tonight we carve another one, but we haven’t decided what yet.  Suggestions? 

 All in all it was the perfect fall weekend.  Full of fun memories.  Tonight we are having family over for dinner.  I have my Halloween plates, napkins, and cups all ready.   What do you think about orange cornbread?  😉



1. Lilly - October 30, 2006

What a nice weekend! …About T not dressing up, you’re right, he may enjoy handing out candy just as much as going door to door. ..My son is the one who won’t ever have anything put on his skin or hair like face makeup or colored hair spray. It looks like everyone else is having fun doing it but he doesn’t want to do it at all…

2. mystarbucks - October 31, 2006

I am so ready for November. I just dread Halloween, finding costumes and scheduling trick-or-treating is one more thing we don’t have time for in our schedule. It has been a beautiful October, though and I am starting to get in the holiday mood.

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