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Thursday Thirteen November 16, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts, Thursday Thirteen.

Ok, I am too stooppiiddd today to get the Thursday Thirteen Code to work,  but here it is!

Thirteen things to do before the year is over….
1. Clean out my garage.  It is soooo packed full of stuff from moving (yea, that was 6 months ago) that I cannot even find anything in there!

2. MAKE Jas go through is massive boxes of computer stuff that has no rhyme or reason and never gets used. 

3. Get a new lcd for my laptop because, yes, I DROPPED my computer this week and it BROKE.  I am in serious mourning.

4. Get a manicure.  My nails are looking hideous!

5. Pay some bills off.  Hey, who doesn’t want to do this?

6. Tell Jas about my blog so I am not feeling so sneaky anymore.

7. Stick to my diet and lose some weight.

8. Find some recipes that are healthy and SO super easy so that I have more time to spend with the kids in the evening.

9. Get a new  J-O-B!

10.  Set a wedding date for next fall.  Which is why I need to stick to # 7.  For real. 

11. Dust off the art supplies and get some painting done! 

12. Hang some pictures on my very barren walls.

13. Make slideshows of the kid’s various activities from the tons of pictures that I have. 



1. Irina - November 16, 2006

I didn’t know we were both planning weddings next fall…congrats!

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