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Blogroll Assistance… November 17, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

Happy Friday to all!  I need some assistance on the blogroll “protocols”.  I am still new and don’t know when it is appropriate to add someone to my blogroll.  I mean, can it only be people that I have e-mailed, etc. personally.  Because there are some people’s blogs out there that I read regularly and comment on, but they dont respond or visit me here.  I still read them because they entertain me or I can relate to them.  Can I add them to my blogroll even though they no clue who I am?  Or is that like, super cheesy?  And folks that do read and I talk to you, can I just add you or should I ask?  Someone help me out here, I don’t want to be lookin like a dork.   Thanks.    🙂



1. Irina - November 17, 2006

I add any blog I enjoy to my blogroll (though I do fall behind in updating), because I believe that it doesn’t matter whether the blogger knows me personally or not…I want to promote them and help them get read. I don’t think there is a protocol. I think it’s up to an individual blogger whether they want to add someone to their own blogroll and I don’t think you need to ask permission.

Think of the blogroll as personal advertising space for your favorite blogs. Hope that’s helpful.

OH, and also, I think having a blogroll helps readers to get to know you even better because then they can see what kind of blogs you find interesting.

2. chirky - November 17, 2006

I just found you through Eddo (postednote.com).

There’s really no rules to blogrolls. Add who you like to read. A blog roll is simply a list of blogs you read. Sometimes people will come to your site after you’ve commented on theirs, and sometimes they’ll come after they see in their stats that someone got to them through your site (so they’ll be curious who you are).

Most bloggers don’t care whether you add them to your site, but if you want to be extra cautious you can always email them and ask for permission first. Personally, I don’t know that I’ve ever done that.

I read every blog on my blogroll, and so many more. I’ve been trying to tame the list, but really, I just want to keep adding more. It’s a little out of control right now. Of course, the number of blogs I read is also out of control. Can I just be paid to read blogs full time?

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