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I’m so exited, and I just can’t hide it! November 20, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

I will be flying to TN on Sunday night for a job interview on Monday!  The company is flying me down and everything.  How cool is that?  Pretty damn cool I say!  This is a job that I really, really, really want.  It is so much to think about though, a serious life changing decision.  I have always wanted to move.  I grew up here and I never wanted to stay here forever.  But I have family here, and the kids are settled in their routine.  Would it be worth it to change all of that for a job?  I just dont know yet!  It is the dream job, a rockin salary.  Seriously nice salary ya’ll.  See, I am already talking like a TN’er!  🙂   Jas is being supportive up to this point, and has been half assedly (ha!  is that a word??) looking for jobs down there too.  I have found some really nice houses that I want to find time to look at while I am there.   I could not believe the houses that are in our price range.  They are huge.  We could have our own little McMansion.  OK, not really a McMansion, but 5 bedrooms.  Yes, count them!  FIVE.   I am trying not to get my hopes up a lot because they may hate me.  No,  no one could hate me.  But there may be someone more qualified.  They are only seeing 3 people, and the other two are local.  So we will see.  I am so nervous!! 



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