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Another week goes by….. November 28, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

You would think that I could get it together to post more often huh?  Well, I promise to do that.  This was just an insane week.  My interview in Tennessee got moved to Thursday, so I will be leaving tomorrow afternoon.  Which seems way too soon.  I am so glad that it was moved from Sunday because boy-o-boy, I would have been an unprepared mess.  As it is, I have had time to do everything.  Get a new suit (oh I LOVE it!), put answers together for the questions that I think they will ask me, and put together a list of questions for them.  “Them” is the interview panel consisting of four people.  Which scared me.  See, I have never had a real interview before.  The  few positions that I have had just kind of fell in my lap.  Yea, I know, lucky me!  But not so lucky me now because I am a bundle of nerves!

 Anywho…. Thanksgiving was so nice!  The weather was nice, crisp, and just windy enough to be winter.  The leaves are all still gorgeous colors here since winter came to us so late.  We went to my mom and step dad’s to eat, and my father and step mom came too.  Which may seem strange, but is a story for another day.  J and T had so much fun seeing all of their grandparents at one time.  They did have a lego fight and all 820 legos that they have were all over the guest room at my mom’s house.  I walked in, and just walked back out.  It was that bad.  🙂  I made a Crunch Top Apple Pie and some pecan almond tart things that I can’t remember the name of.  All I know is that they were both Paula Deen recipes, so they were oh so yummy.  Jas fried a turkey, which is so much easier than in the oven.  It only took 40 minutes.  I was down right amazed. 

The rest of the hoilday weekend I spent at a welcome home party for a freind who was deployed, and the bowling ally for a birthday party for a friend of J’s.  It was T’s first time bowling and it was like the cutest thing ever!  They even had little bowling shoes to fit his little feet!  All in all it was a really nice holiday weekend.  I will try to update tomorrow, but I may not be around until Friday! 



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