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Chocolate Milkathon December 7, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts.

T loves chocolate milk.  Pretty much the only way that I can get him to drink milk is to let him squirt some of the dark gooey syrup in his milk.  This is a very specific process that we have down to a science.  First we have to pick the cup. It is a different one everyday.  This is how it goes. 

Me:  This one T?

T:  No!  Not dis ones.

M: This one T?

T: No momma, NOT DIS ONES!!! (This is said in a happy, HAHA, we can do this fooorrrreeevvvaahhhh voice)

This goes on until we find what will be the golden holder of the milk for the day.  Next we get out the chocolate, which is sugar free I will have you know.  Who ever came up with this was freakin brilliant.  Then we put in the chocolate.  Rather T does.  But his little hands can’t squeeze the bottle, and god forbid I assist, so we watch the chocolate drip, drip, drip.  He only allowed like 6 drips, which amounts to barely chocolate milk.  Then we pour in the milk together.  Then T has to stir.  With a safari pal plastic spoon.  And it has to be a blue or green one.   Then T tries to put the top on the cup, and if he can’t, I help.  Then we shake it, and it is finally ready.  This is just one of the little routines that we do every day.  I don’t remember J being this particular about things at all.  He was the quiet one who could sit and look at books all day and play toys.  I could get things done and trust that when I left the room that he would still be in the same spot when I came back.  I get a lot less done on a regular basis now.  And you know what?  The house may not always be immaculate, and dinner is not always gourmet.  But I spend more time with the kids, and they participate more in activities with me, even if it is just dusting the house.  And I love it.   🙂



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