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Movin’ on up… December 5, 2006

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Hopefully movin on up that is.  My interview was last Thursday, and I am going to be optimistic and say that I think that it went well.  At least I hope that it did.  I spent the entire plane ride preparing and talking myself through the interview.   Yes, I am sure that I got more than a few people’s attention for doing this, but at least they did not think I was a terrorist.  Right?  Right.   Anyway…  I got in at about 7 on Wednesday evening and took the 20 minute trip from the airport to the hotel.  The town was charming and semi-small, with Christmas lights on every lamp post.  Which were twinkling in the crappy sprinkling rain.  I drove around for a bit and even drove and looked at house that we may be interested in if things work out.  All in all I got a really nice impression of the area.   Thursday morning was the interview.  My 4 person interview panel was 2 women and two men, whom were all soooo nice.  All that southern hospitality and charm.  Loved it!    So I answered their tons of questions and they answered all of mine and all was good.  Then there was lunch after, which I pray is a good sign.  🙂  We shall see in good time…

This was my first time away from T overnight since he was born so I was so excited to come and see him.  I missed that little stinker so much even though it was only one night.  I would have been able to see him Thursday night, but my friend who was picking me up from the airport went to the wrong one.   Yeah.  There are two airports here locally the same distance from my house.  I e-mailed and printed the itinerary and reminded her at least 10 times before I left and over the phone.  So when I walked out of the airport and called her, imagine my suprise when she said, I am sitting under the US Airways sign, and I said no, I am standing under the US Airways sign and you aren’t here.  And then I basically yelled your at the wrong damn airport aren’t you???????  So I sat for an hour and waited.  Lovely right?  Wrong. 

That is all for now.  Tomorrow I will update about last night’s festivities. 


I been travel’in oh so long….. November 13, 2006

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Actually I haven’t been.  Traveling oh so long that is.  I was so excited for about 2.5 seconds this morning when the prospect of traveling for work this coming week came up.  I was to leave on Sunday and return Tuesday.  Just a little mini trip to get me warmed up for longer trips that are upcoming.  Then the shit hit the fan around here and everyone was all like, oh, we need you to leave TOMORROW.  And I was all like, what?  really?  uh…..  NO!  With 2 kids at home I cannot just pack up and leave tomorrow for 7 days!  Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  OK?  OK.  I am disappointed though, because I really was up for the trip.  😦  Don’t get me wrong.  I love being with my kids.  But I have not left T since he was born.  Not for one night.  So the thought of packing up tonight and leaving tomorrow almost sent me into a panic attack.  Seriously.   I could feel my palms getting sweaty and my heart beating fast.  So that’s when I said no.  I am sure that it made me look bad.  I am sure they are thinking that being a mom may be clouding my work judgement.  And guess what?  IT IS. 

Perfect Fall October 30, 2006

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I started out the weekend thinking, wow, this is going to suck.  The forecast was for rain, rain, and hey!  How about some some more f-ing rain?   BUT-  it ended up being a gorgeous weekend.  Jas and J each had softball/baseball scheduled for this weekend, but both were cancelled due to the forecast.   So we had tons of seriously needed free time.  We miraculously got T down for a nap early on Saturday, with plans to go to the zoo in the afternoon.  He was up by one, and off we went.  The zoo was having a Halloween event and there were cute decorations and candy giveaways all over.  All the little kiddies were in their costumes and it was adorable.  ***I have to stop right here and say that T is not dressing up this year.  Seriously- I have taken him to every store that is selling costumes and he refuses to get one.  He just says “nope, nope, nope mommy”.  I have bribed him with everything possible.  So my kid will be the one with no costume.  He doesn’t even want to go out.  So, we will be at home handing out candy.  While J trick-or-treats with his dad.  I guess it could be fun, right???****   OK, back to the weekend.   So we had a great time at the zoo.  T’s favorite part was the giraffes.  You can get so close to them it is crazy!  We had ice cream and some great family time.  After the zoo we went furniture shopping and got a great deal on a couch for Jas’s “man room”.  Yes, we have one of those.  🙂  Sunday was a lazy day filled with playing outside, and involved a lot of leaf piles being raked repeatedly and run through and jumped in.  It was the perfect day and a little bittersweet seeing T being such a big boy.  Where has my baby gone…?  After dinner we carved one of our pumpkins.  We chose Blue’s Clue’s and it turned out to be adorable.   Tonight we carve another one, but we haven’t decided what yet.  Suggestions? 

 All in all it was the perfect fall weekend.  Full of fun memories.  Tonight we are having family over for dinner.  I have my Halloween plates, napkins, and cups all ready.   What do you think about orange cornbread?  😉

What the bloody hell is wrong with me? October 12, 2006

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After yesterday’s post, I have decided that I am a total shitbug.  Total.  Complete.  When I get married I will have a step-son, A.  He is also 7 like J.  He does not live with us, but comes for summers and school breaks. And I forgot to mention him.  I love him like he is my own, but I forgot him.  How could I do that?

The Fam…. October 11, 2006

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I realized that I have not done a post about “us”, so some of you are may be wondering who the heck I am.  My name is Erin, and I have two boys; J who is 7, and T who is 2.  I have an almost hubby, whom I will call Jas (wow, I bet you guys can’t figure that one out!!).  The most important thing to know about me is this:  I love being a mommy.  I will try not to let that be all that this blog is about, but I really love my kids.  Most of what I do involves them and is centered around them.   I work a full time job for a govt contractor, and Jas is a computer geek.  We have two dogs and a lizard.  We are always busy.  Our kids constantly amuse us.  Life is good for the most part.

The second thing that you should know is that I am totally in the blogging closet.  Jas, my best friends, no one   knows that I have started this.  I want this to be a place where I can say anything I want and not have to listen to their crap you know.    🙂    I would love to meet some other bloggers in my community, but I am too much of a chicken shit to say where I am….  we will see, maybe with time. 

If I am being boring please tell me.  If my writing sucks please tell me.  I havent done it in a long time, so there is a chance that it will.  Like I said in my first post, I am totally intimidated!  

 Want to know anything else?  Just ask. Maybe I will tell   😉

Results of a rainy weekend… October 10, 2006

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This was a pretty uneventful weekend, due to the heavy, heavy rain and winds in our neck of the woods.  All of our plans (which included baseball, and more baseball) were pretty much ruined.  So instead I made sure that the house was adequately decorated for Halloween.  Yes, I am a holiday decorating a-holic.  My attic is a nice, semi-organized, haven of all things holiday.  My almost mother in law has donated tons of decorations to the cause, and I love her even more for it.  We have scarecrows that talk, light up fiber-optic witches, big stuffed pumpkins and witches… I could go on and on.  The kids love it, but our big mastiff hates it!  She barks at the 3 foot tall scarecrow like it has come to eat her alive! And my cute stuffed witch has already lost a  arm in a dog fight.  It is repairable though, so it was not a complete tragedy. 

Yesterday was a day off of work for me (thank you federal govt holidays!), and I was at home for an entire day- ALONE!  J was at school, and T was at preschool.  I got schoolwork done, I got cleaning done.  I went to Target, again, ALONE, and got to look at grown up things.  I was totally disappointed though, because one of those assemble your meals here, with our ingredients and take it home to freeze places had sent me a coupon in the mail for 2 free meals.  I had never gone before, so I took my little coupon and thought that I would try it out.  When I got there I was informed that yes, I got my 2 free meals, but I had to purchase 4 more, at the whopping price of $24 each, I almost fell over!    Is it just me or is that an insane amount of money for one main dish?  Yes!  That’s right, it does not even include the sides!  Maybe I am poor, or maybe just thrifty, but who in their right mind would pay for that?  I guess I understand that we live in sort of an uppity area, where we just happen to live because we got a great deal on a house that needed to be sold fast, but GOOD GRIEF! I am crazy here ladies?  Would you pay that??