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Movin’ on up… December 5, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Family, Work.
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Hopefully movin on up that is.  My interview was last Thursday, and I am going to be optimistic and say that I think that it went well.  At least I hope that it did.  I spent the entire plane ride preparing and talking myself through the interview.   Yes, I am sure that I got more than a few people’s attention for doing this, but at least they did not think I was a terrorist.  Right?  Right.   Anyway…  I got in at about 7 on Wednesday evening and took the 20 minute trip from the airport to the hotel.  The town was charming and semi-small, with Christmas lights on every lamp post.  Which were twinkling in the crappy sprinkling rain.  I drove around for a bit and even drove and looked at house that we may be interested in if things work out.  All in all I got a really nice impression of the area.   Thursday morning was the interview.  My 4 person interview panel was 2 women and two men, whom were all soooo nice.  All that southern hospitality and charm.  Loved it!    So I answered their tons of questions and they answered all of mine and all was good.  Then there was lunch after, which I pray is a good sign.  🙂  We shall see in good time…

This was my first time away from T overnight since he was born so I was so excited to come and see him.  I missed that little stinker so much even though it was only one night.  I would have been able to see him Thursday night, but my friend who was picking me up from the airport went to the wrong one.   Yeah.  There are two airports here locally the same distance from my house.  I e-mailed and printed the itinerary and reminded her at least 10 times before I left and over the phone.  So when I walked out of the airport and called her, imagine my suprise when she said, I am sitting under the US Airways sign, and I said no, I am standing under the US Airways sign and you aren’t here.  And then I basically yelled your at the wrong damn airport aren’t you???????  So I sat for an hour and waited.  Lovely right?  Wrong. 

That is all for now.  Tomorrow I will update about last night’s festivities. 


I been travel’in oh so long….. November 13, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Family, Life, Mommyhood, Work.

Actually I haven’t been.  Traveling oh so long that is.  I was so excited for about 2.5 seconds this morning when the prospect of traveling for work this coming week came up.  I was to leave on Sunday and return Tuesday.  Just a little mini trip to get me warmed up for longer trips that are upcoming.  Then the shit hit the fan around here and everyone was all like, oh, we need you to leave TOMORROW.  And I was all like, what?  really?  uh…..  NO!  With 2 kids at home I cannot just pack up and leave tomorrow for 7 days!  Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.  OK?  OK.  I am disappointed though, because I really was up for the trip.  😦  Don’t get me wrong.  I love being with my kids.  But I have not left T since he was born.  Not for one night.  So the thought of packing up tonight and leaving tomorrow almost sent me into a panic attack.  Seriously.   I could feel my palms getting sweaty and my heart beating fast.  So that’s when I said no.  I am sure that it made me look bad.  I am sure they are thinking that being a mom may be clouding my work judgement.  And guess what?  IT IS. 

The joys of a window… October 6, 2006

Posted by Topsy Turvy Mama in Random Thoughts, Work.

I really dont want to be here today…..  at work I mean.  Of course I want to be on my shiny new blog! 🙂  I always know that it is a bad sign when I wake up in the morning and it is pitch black out.  I dont get up at the crack of dawn or anything, so when the alarm clock goes off and I roll out of bed and trip over everything because there is not a shred of light peeking out from behind the blinds,  I know that it is going to be a dark dreary day.   Which makes me sleepy.  Which makes me totally unproductive at the office.  See, I have a window that my desk directly faces.  Sometimes having a window in my office is a glorious thing.  I can see the sunshine and the birds, and all of those happy kinds of things.  Then, there are two kinds of days when I wish the my window would just disappear.  The first is a day like today, when I look out and see dark, scary clouds.  And then rain.  Lots of rain.  Sometimes it can be fun watching people act insane because it has started to rain.  Ladies take their shoes off and run into the building or to their cars.  Men put folders, newspapers, or whatever else they may be holding over their heads as if that little square will save them.  But mostly the rain makes me want to curl up with a good book and go to sleep.  Too bad I cant accomoplish that at my desk!  The other days that are bad for having a window are the days that the city workers fire up the shit plant.  That’s right, directly through the trees, about a quarter mile away from my nice govt building, there is a shit plant.  At least that is what we call it.   When they fire it up and there is a nice breeze, you can totally walk into the office and feel like you are working in a toilet.  What a perk!  We had a summer intern one time who didn’t know about the shit plant and the entire summer she thought that I had some terrible bowel problem.  I only learned this at the end of the summer when she had been her for 2 months and finally said something because the smell was SO bad.  I could not believe it.  How embarassing!  At least she found out the real story.  I would not want her to be scared to come back. 

 So like I said, today is one of those dreary days.  It is still early and I am already itching to get out of here.  Hey, maybe the shit plant will fire up and give me a jolt of energy.  Enough to just say, that’s enough.  I am out of here.   🙂